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Who We are

Tricky Hat is a company that makes Theatre with and about people who live on the margins of our society, that are hard to reach.
We work with people to find a creative and credible voice through participation in high quality, collaborative, cross-arts events alongside high caliber artists.

We work in collaborations with agencies, artisits and areas. We have particular expertise in working with older people, people with mental health problems and forensic psychiatry patients.

We create Theatre and Digital Installations making the invisible, visible. We aim to challenge our audience and participants preconceived ideas.

Collaborate with us

All of Tricky Hat's work is created in collaboration with statutory and voluntary organisations, artists and funding bodies.

If you would like to collaborate with us because;
- you have a group of people who you think would benefit from engaging in our creative processes
- you have an idea
- you like othe sound of what we do
- you want to work with Tricky Hat

Please contact us.

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