Tricky Hat’s Vision is that people who live on the margins of society can find a creative and credible voice through participation in high quality, collaborative, cross-arts events alongside high calibre arts practitioners.


Trickyhat Aims

  • – To work specifically with people who are often excluded and dismissed by society due to being elderly, having mental health problems and through incarceration within the criminal justice system
  • – To create excellent theatre based work with the company’s main target groups (and their carers) telling their stories and offering up their insights on life
  • – To celebrate the lives of participants and make them more visible in a positive way within the wider community.
  • – To enhance participants’ well being by engaging in a relevant, sensitive and constructive creative processes involving the range of art forms and technologies
  • – To challenge and improve society’s attitudes towards people who participate in Tricky Hat projects through presentation of work to wide-ranging audiences


Trickyhat Objectives

  • – To  seek out and develop partnerships with organisations that work with the target beneficiaries of Tricky Hat’s work
  • – To work with the highest calibre arts practitioners with specific additional skills and commitment in working collaboratively with the target participants
  • – To train and mentor arts (and relevant non-arts) practitioners in tried and tested methods of working with the target groups
  • – To explore and embrace new technologies and artform practice that can support delivery of projects which will attract the interest and commitment of target participants
  • – To build working relationships with established arts organisations that can support the delivery, profile and presentation of work created with and about the target beneficiaries