Catching Fire: Betty Skelton

Blog | July 28, 2017

Since taking early retirement a few years ago I have been able to enjoy some of the many opportunities on offer to keep us ‘old dears’ off the streets and out of mischief. I have been thoroughly enjoying myself while developing the creative ‘me’ whenever I find something of interest.

The Flames intrigued me. Rehearsed improvisation and guerilla workshopping were new to me.

I was curious so I went along to the introductory afternoon with no expectations, fully prepared to walk away if it wasn’t for me particularly as I was already rehearsing for another, intergenerational performance at the time.

I am still not sure how it works but I can honestly say I have never had so much fun with a group of strangers as I did on this project. Over the course of 6 sessions we laughed, we cried, we shared our stories, hopes and dreams, we sang, we played, we moved, we left our inhibitions at the door and it was wonderful.

Much of the success was due to Fiona Miller, artistic director, warm human being and creative genius as well as to the fabulous team she assembled. So much so that, as the weeks passed and we still had no real idea what the actual performance would look like, we were neither stressed nor worried because Fiona said it would be fine.

It was better than fine. It was amazing.  We ladies shared something special on that stage … we shared ourselves and the audience liked what they saw.

I loved being part of it.


Betty Skelton – Flames Participant