Quick Fire with The Flames Musical Composer, Mick Slaven

Blog | March 22, 2017

There’s one month until The Flames open their multi-media performance at the CCA in Glasgow on Wednesday 19 April. In our latest Quick Fire blog, we talk to The Flames musical composer Mick Slaven about working for the company and writing for the stage.

1. How did you first get involved with Tricky Hat and The Flames?

I have been an Associate Artist with Tricky Hat for several years, working to create music with groups from all backgrounds.

The Flames is a fantastic theatre company to be involved with. It is for older people and is testament to Tricky Hat’s ethos that entertaining and enriching theatre can be created by people, who may not otherwise have access to the performance scene.

2. What is your favourite thing about composing for the stage?

I love responding to scenes that actors create, and trying to enhance their performance with music. It’s always a two-way dialogue, so I love it when I can see the actors responding to the music too.

3. Where do you find your musical inspiration?

My inspiration, for virtually all of the music I create for Tricky Hat, comes from the devising process itself. I couldn’t create the music without seeing and hearing what comes from the actors’ ideas first.

4. You’ve stated that you think music has empowering and healing effects.
Do you think this will be the case for those involved with The Flames company?

Fiona, Tricky Hat’s Artistic Director and Director of The Flames, has honed her skill in ensuring that these shows result in an empowering and creative experience for everyone involved; whether that be as an actor or as a musician. For me, that is what Tricky Hat is all about.

5. Describe The Flames in 3 words?

Sparky, creative, teamwork.

With a month until opening, book your tickets to see The Flames multi-media performance at the CCA in Glasgow on Wednesday 19 April, by visiting the event page here.