Quick Fire with The Flames Director, Fiona Miller

Blog | March 16, 2017

There’s little over a month until The Flames open their multi-media performance at the CCA in Glasgow, on Wednesday 19 April. We decided to sit down with Tricky Hat’s Artistic Director Fiona Miller to ask her about directing the upcoming show, and what we can expect.

1. Where did the idea of creating The Flames come from?

The Flames offers people over 50 a platform to perform, regardless of experience, and gives those involved a chance to engage with excellent artists – like many youth theatres do.

We collaborate with organisations and people in the community, and sometimes it takes time for them to feel comfortable with their artistic abilities. Most of Tricky Hat’s work is made with people who don’t know that they want to perform yet, but we want to give all ages and groups the opportunity to be creative.

2. What is your favourite thing about directing?

Seeing the performers surprising themselves with their creativity, is my favourite thing about directing.

Alongside that, I love collaborating with other artists. Kim (Audio Visual Designer), Mick (Musical Composer) and I have worked together at Tricky Hat for four years now, and it really is exciting to build a piece of work, or performance with a team.

We work with people until opening, which is exciting as pieces are forever evolving, but technical rehearsal is great too – seeing everything come together.

3. Are there any challenges or surprises from working with groups, who are seen to be on the margins of society?

There’s always challenges and surprises, but it’s always great to see a finished live performance or digital installation.

Tricky Hat is a theatre company and we present all of our work professionally. It is nice when we get feedback from those involved who just can’t believe they performed in front of an engaged audience, who have been affected by their performance.

4. This will be The Flames second event at the CCA – what can we expect to be different?

There are a few performers from the first event but most people involved are first time Flames, so the dynamics and ideas brought to the table will be different.

For one, I think the content will be riskier. We are bringing in a couple of new artists to the devising sessions – a singer and a director – so their input will add avenues and shape the final performance in new ways.

5. Describe The Flames in 3 words?

Glorious, unexpected, risky

The Flames will open at the CCA in Glasgow on Wednesday 19 April, offering two performances at 3.00pm and 7.00pm. To book tickets, visit the CCA’s website.