#DontStopTheFlames – A Pilot Collaboration

Our Work | June 29, 2020

Nothing can stop The Flames, not even a global pandemic!

The Flames were due to perform at Tron (Glasgow) and PaToNa Theatre (Sendai, Japan) in April 2020. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, both projects had to be postponed. Tricky Hat decided to launch a digital collaboration with the Scottish and Japanese cast of both productions to create 2 short films: HOME and STAYING IN.


What do you do when you can’t leave home? How does your perception of the world changes? How are you coping with no one to visit your house? What crazy activities can you think of to burst these 4 walls?

The Flames in Scotland and Japan will invite you in their HOME taking you on a journey and showing you the poetry of their daily lives.


Now that you have settled into quarantine, what have you discovered – hobbies, talents, who you really are? Dressing up and dressing down, The Flames explore what they miss and what they love in this extraordinary time. 

The Flames, in Scotland and Japan will invite you to stay in with them during national lockdown.

Created by the Flames in collaboration with Tricky Hat Artists: Kim Beveridge – Digital Artist, Mick Slaven – Musician & Composer, Aya Kobayashi – Movement Direction, Fiona Miller – Artistic Director.

Participants: Anne Nicholson, Annette Stewart, Barbara Gray, Betty Skelton, David Allan, Eileen Finlay, Jane Johnstone, Jess Fitzgerald, Kate Sloan, Carol McGregor, Pene Herman-Smith, Polly Smith, Lisa Woolley, John Wilde, Marianne Yeomans, Denise Noone, Tom Malone, Makiko Koyama, Kunio Umemuro, Shoko Kariya, Yoshiko Kaino, Yuko Hirayama, Noriko Irie.

This project is in collaboration with LondonPANDA and PLAY ART! SENDAI.