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Here`s a wee video of Tricky Hat`s recent trip to Japan where we worked with our Hono Flames for the first time face to face, and reconnected with our partners and artistic collaborators following the pandemic.


We worked with the Kyoto Flames from company NPO Gekiken and Hello Theatre. We previously worked with them in 2021 digitally, making a short film Inochi- meaning “life” in Japanese.

We also collaborated with Play Art! Sendai face to face, following our 2020 digital collaboration 炎 Honō.


A massive thank you to our funders: @britishcouncil @daiwafoundation @creativescots Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation Foundation without whom this would not have been possible ✨🇯🇵

#japan #scotland #creatives #theflames #collaboration #honoflames

It may be Black Friday but we’ve got something money can’t buy… The Crieff Flames!!! 🔥🔥🔥


Yes, you heard right! The Flames are coming to Crieff and we want you to join us and kick 2024 off with a Tricky Hat bang! 💥


If you are 50+, have a story to tell and would like to meet like minded people then you are in the right place! We welcome and love people from all walks of life, participation is FREE and there is no experience needed- what’s more to love?!


@strathearnarts Crieff Dates 2024:

🔥Tuesday 16th January (11am – 12.30pm): Information session
🔥Tuesday 30th January (11am – 3pm): Rehearsal 1
🔥Tuesday 6th February (11am – 3pm): Rehearsal 2
🔥Tuesday 13th February (11am – 3pm): Rehearsal 3
🔥Tuesday 20th February (11am – 3pm): Rehearsal 4
🔥Tuesday 27th February (11am – 3pm): Rehearsal 5
🔥Friday 1st March (11am – 4pm): Dress rehearsal
🔥Saturday 2nd March (10.30am – 9.30pm): Tech rehearsals & performance! ⭐️🔥


What now? Register your interest through the email: and for more information visit


#theflames #trickyhat #over50s #crieff #strathearn #strathearnarts #creatives

Us Scots sure do love a blether… and it seems you all do too! 🗣🎧


Due to popular demand, and lots of love for our soundwalks, they will now remain on all platforms and ready for those who haven’t yet listened along!!!


Catch ‘Round our Place’ and ‘Listening to our City on app to listen and physically follow the walking route, or alternatively hop on over to SoundCloud


As always- thanks so much for all the support and for loving the sound walks as much as we do! 🎧