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We love being able to tell you all about our beloved Flames and how vivacious they all are! But we wanna hear from YOU!

🔥Have you been a flame and want to share your story of your experience?
🔥Have you always wondered if it’s for you or have a question to ask?

If so, then give us a wee message! Leave a comment below to have your say, or if you would like to have your own special post about your experience/ burning questions… then email our social media coordinator to be featured in future Flames Friday posts!

Feel free to share to spread the word and from all of us here at Tricky Hat, we hope you have a glorious weekend ☀️

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If you’ve been hearing some commotion recently, no it’s not all the concerts at Murrayfield Stadium… it’s THE GLASGOW FLAMES!!! 🔥🔥🔥


Put the date SATURDAY 10TH JUNE in your diaries as the flames will be performing at @cca_glasgow and would love to see you there!


Going to a flame show means not only giving support to those performing, but as with all Flame performances, the audience leaves with nostalgia, questions and hope. It really is a creative exchange!!!


In this show we have stories of dangerous sea journey 🌊, being caught in a ‘Doctor Who’ vortex 🕰 and one of the Flames giving the name to American tan tights!🧦


Have we sold you yet?! Great, we’ll see you there.
Matinee Performance: 4pm
Evening Performance: 7pm
Buy your tickets at

*this venue IS wheelchair accessible

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Meet ! ⚡️

Eoin McKenzie is a part of our fire practice programme; where we train creatives the “tricky hat way” in a partnership that gives both them experience and us another valued member of the TrickyHat family! ♾


He has been working with @platformglasgow , an arts centre in Easterhouse, Glasgow. Eoin is the Thursday Night Drama leader and he directed their recent work in progress piece titled ‘People Dancing’.


This was part of Platform’s ‘Made in Easterhouse’ arts festival earlier this month and was performed to a full house!


We want to say a massive well done to Eoin and all involved! We are proud to have Eoin as part of our Fire Practice mentoring programme, funded by @creativescots 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

#creativescotland #platformglasgow #easterhouse #scottishcreatives #theatre #mentoring #glasgow #scotland

You heard it here first folks… Nairn residents we are calling YOU! 📞
We are so excited to announce our collaboration with @nairnartscentre to FLAME UP!🔥
We are looking for people 50+ who want to work and create with fellow peers of the same mindset, that have a story to be told. If that sounds like you, or someone you know, let them know or share this post to spread the word!
We are doing this show in a week!
Venue = Nairn Community & Arts Centre
Rehearsal workshops = Monday 26th June – Thursday 29th June (11am-4pm)
Rehearsal Day = Friday 30th June (10am-5pm)
Show Day = Saturday 1st July (Showtime 7pm)
🔥Show your interest by emailing
Any questions just pop them in the comment box below and we’ll answer them for you!
Can’t wait to see you all there!

#nairntheatre #nairncommunityandartscentre #scottishcreatives #flameup #theflames #trickyhat #theatre #scottishtheatre

#glasgowcreates 🎨

Have you made a tile as part of Stockingfield Artwork Project? Then our digital artist Kim Dundas wants to speak to YOU!!! 🔊

Come join us Wednesday 11th May from 11am at Stockingfield to have your voice heard and your story told.

We can’t wait to hear all the stories that emerge! ⚡️

#glasgowcreates #glasgowcreatives #audio #trickyhat #glasgow #scottishcreatives #scotland

It’s all about collaboration! 🤝

On Thursday, we had a brilliant day sharing what it means to be an Artist in Communities and what it means to those communities. This was held at @glasgowtramway , a striking and inspiring international art space in Glasgow’s south side. ⚡️

Plans were discussed for The UCI Cycling World Championships, a never seen before scale cycling event happening during August in Glasgow! How exciting! 🚴

What’s even more exciting is… it is our turn to share next and we will be sharing plans for our next ‘Round Our Place’… an audio journey, that explores meaningful places to those who voice it. We can’t wait to share! ⭐️

#glasgowcreatives #trickyhat #artistsincommunities #ucicycling #roundourplace #audio #scotlandarts #scotland