Out of the Dark

Our Work | November 18, 2009

Out of the Dark is a Drama/Theatre based Mental Health Project for people over 50 living in West Fife. Working with professional theatre practitioners, the project involved its participants, including health professionals, in the process of producing exciting and valid new pieces of theatre, through performance, drama workshops and new writing.

Although the project was not drama therapy, the work had a great therapeutic effect. The focus was on sharing imagination, creativity and, most of all, having fun.

The company toured in theatres and community venues in Fife, Tramway (Glasgow) and St Brides (Edinburgh).

In 2007, the company’s ninth show ‘What if…’ was performed at the SAC Cultural Summit and European Conference on Stigma, this piece was subsequently made into a radio programme, ‘Making a Drama out of a Crisis’ by Edi Stark for Radio Scotland.

This project was funded by the Scottish Arts Council’s National Lottery Fund, NHS Fife and Fife Council Community Services.