Unusual Places to Dance Part 1

Our Work | November 22, 2023

Tricky Hat was in residence with CACE (Older People, Active Lives)  in Cumbernauld for 18 months culminating in a live theatre performance in Cumbernauld Village Hall in October 2012. During the residency we created 2 Digital Installations, one with live performers dancing, that were shown in the Antonine Centre in Cumbernauld Shopping Centre in March & June 2012.  This project was supported by Cumbernauld Theatre.

The elderly couple are in a world of their own, dancing cheek-to-cheek to music only they can hear; the headphones they’re wearing make the soundscore a secret. Fred and Ginger – no strangers to unusual places to dance – would have loved the location.  Mary Brennan, The Herald