Mick Slaven

Musician & Composer

Mick Slaven is a musician and composer whose experience includes numerous theatre composing credits, writing and performing music with a wide range of outsider client groups, and  writing, production and session credits for a variety of mainsteam recording artists and independent labels.

Mick’s theatre credits include Tricky Hat productions directed by Fiona Miller such as ‘The Blair Ghost Project’, ‘Posie’ and ‘The Dust Never Settles’, along with composer credits for Stephen Greenhorns play ‘Passing Places’ and Gregory Burkes first major success ‘Gagarin Way’, both directed by John Tiffany for the Traverse Theatre.

In the community, a large part of his work has been the creation and performance of music by groups ranging from elderly people to primary school children, mental health groups to prisoners in jails, and also in drug rehab units. He has always seen the creation and performance of music as an empowering and often healing process.

As a musician Mick has worked with artists as diverse as del Amitri, Eddi Reader, Vic Godard, Paul Quinn and many others, and for just about every major label to independents such as Postcard Records of Scotland.